Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Travel Site Ideas

I am currently looking into nice places to go to. Looking for some online itenaries, etc. The problem with that is that I am seeing SO many sites and I don’t know where to start or stop reading.

The other problem I am having is that my computer has SO many open tabs in FireFox that it is slowing down my PC (if that is possible :) ). So I NEED to close down some of these sites I still wanted to read through at a later time. So I guess my best bet is to just blog about them and then I could always revisit them. At the same time I am freeing up some memory and getting rid of all those tabs, which might raise an eyebrow or two.

(this is a work in progress)

It seems like many people point to these travel sites:

image - LonelyPlanet: Has a lot of helpful info.


image- TravelFish: Seems like an interesting site.


tripAdvisor- TripAdvisor: Nice it has some of the things you need to do in each of the countries you want to visit. This is cool. I don't want to miss out on any cool things to do in a country. It also has a before you go section, etc. It has hotel and accommodation ratings. Nice. It also has some free guides. You can even have a tripwatch added to places you want to visit. It will give you weekly updates.

image- GapAdventures: They seem to have a lot of information on trip itineraries. So this could be a cool place to check out which places they prefer to go to and then go there yourself. I saw they have a top travels tweeter section which seems to be cool. I would like to ask some people some questions :)



I have also found some interesting travel tips, as in how to travel from one place to the next.
- The one site I still want to check out is The Man in Seat Sixty-One, which seems to give you lots of information on how to travel on a train in certain areas in the world. Even times. Do’s, Don’ts. I will have to read up on it or use it as a resource while travelling. It even has maps and MUCH MUCH more. Might just return to this site.
- Ruba: A very cool looking user interface online. I am still to check it out, but it seems like you can read up on some travel ideas in each country. I see they also sell tours on this site (something I dont want to do) but it is cool to read up on what people say. (Get some ideas). You can also add your own best places for others to see.
- Tripsay is a sight, well, pretty much where you can say what you think of a place and based on that other places are recommended to you. I played around with it. Cool idea. I just don’t have enough time to figure it all out (and I would like to have a “average” rating for a place.
- is great to figure out the average weather for China for instance :) So that you know what the best time is to travel.
- TravelPod: Seems like an amazing tool to use in order to journal about your travels or to read up on other people’s travels. I’ve gotten some ideas reading people’s journals, but I especially like the layout and use the Google map to show where they did what.
- CouchSurfing: I don't know if I personally will ever do this (having a wife and all) but I think if you are sure you will be safe (or you have some kind of self-defence built into you) then this could always be a relatively cheap way to do a holiday. I will still keep this door open, but will make sure my wife would be safe before I ever do this.
- BatchGeoCode: This site is very cool if you want to do a batch search for GEO locations. (In case you need the latitude and longitude for cities). (Ok, I might be doing something wrong, but my points got all messed up – still busy trying to convert Excel info into a map with lines, etc)
- GPSVisualizer: This seems to work very well. I will still double check (with all my MANUAL labour I put in before :) but this DOES seem to be very accurate – mostly)


Some sites give good ideas about itineraries (but I might not use it at all):
- TravelDojo: Gives the TOP 10 places to see
- HimalayanTrekking: Ideas on that are (Tibet, Bhutan, Cambodia,Nepal, Inda, Indo-China, Thailand)

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